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Camp Naper Summer Day Camp
Camp Naper

Register HereExplore Naper Settlement’s 12 acres and beyond in summer day camps that capture a child’s imagination. Our unique, hands-on camps provide immersive experiences where learning is fun! All camps include supplies and a snack, and are led by experienced, adult counselors.
Details of each camp will be available after March 9.

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Naper Settlement’s Camp Naper 2017 Schedule
Jump into summer fun with one or more days of our Sampler weeks. Choose up to four days or
receive a discount when you attend all five days of the week-long samplers.
1-5 day campsSnack ScienceImagine That! Sampler
June 5–9
$45/day; $210/week, 8 AM–3 PM, Grades 1–6

Mix and match your summer fun with one or more of our brand new Summer Challenge camps. Campers can recreate scientific superhero powers, create their very own rainforest and solve historical mysteries with each day having a different and exciting theme!

June 5 – Super Hero Science - SOLD OUT: Explore the history of comic book super heroes and the science behind some of the coolest super powers. 
June 6 – History Mysteries - SOLD OUT: Unravel historical mysteries involving famous figures, legendary mummies and natural phenomena.
June 7 – Snack Science - SOLD OUTUsing a combination of scientific principles and tasty snacks, campers will complete experiments and create edible activities.
June 8 – Earth Explorer - SOLD OUT: Learn secrets about the natural world and make your own terrarium.  
June 9 – Building Bonanza: Uncover historical clues of famous buildings, bridges and other structures. Design and build your own model house or bridge.

Team Extreme SamplerTeam Extreme Sampler - SOLD OUT
1-5 day campsJune 12–16
8 AM–3 PM, Grades 1–6

Creativity, ingenuity, and teamwork guide campers through excavations, engineering, and team strategy challenges as part of this high-energy camp. Campers can test their archery skills, build machines out of pioneer era materials and use artifacts to unlock scavenger hunt clues.

June 12 – Excavation Exploration: Hunt for underground clues in an archaeological investigation with a scavenger hunt style twist.
June 13 – Enterprising Engineering: Campers use their creativity and problem solving skills to engineer a Rube Goldberg-type machine.
June 14 – Wild Weather: Young meteorologists will investigate the science behind extreme weather phenomena, including tornadoes, hurricanes and blizzards. Campers will meet a weather expert, create clouds in a jar and deliver their own wild weather report. 
June 15 – Water Wars: Use teamwork and engineering skills to build catapults and slingshots and win the ultimate water balloon battle.
June 16 – Extreme Explosions: Campers will use scientific experiments to create colorful fizzing and bubbling explosions.

 Hip History I

Awesome Architecture

incredible creatures camp

 Curious Cook Camp

Hip History I
June 19–23
8 AM–3 PM, Grades 1–6
Travel back in time and discover music, art, fads, TV shows, games, sports, pop culture and history from the 1950s, 60s and 70s! Exploring each decade, campers will recreate famous art, learn the popular dances, play with popular toys and games and make a
tie-dye shirt.
Awesome Architecture
June 19–23
8 AM–3 PM, Grades 3–6
Castles, skyscrapers and cathedrals! Investigate stories behind building methods and styles of architecture over time. What did culture or weather have to do with buildings? Make a map, go on a History Hunt through Naper Settlement’s historic buildings, take a walking tour of downtown Naperville and find architecture that reveals some history of our city. Campers will learn about careers in architecture and build a Box City.
Incredible Creatures
June 26–30;
July 10–14

8 AM–3 PM, Grades 1-6
Discover how animals have helped us throughout history! Learn about animal spies, animal astronauts, Presidential pets and conservation of habitats. Consider various careers working with animals. Meet a working dog and a bird of prey. Build models to learn how birds’ wings help them fly, test your sense of smell to understand how dogs’ noses help them solve crimes and more.

Please note this camp will be combined with Sampler Scrambler.
Curious Cook - SOLD OUT
July 5–7
8 AM–3 PM, Grades 3–6
Your amateur chef will use a combination of science and creativity to conduct delicious edible experiments and surprisingly tasty chemical reactions. Learn how to use an endothermic reaction to make ice cream and apply your creative genius to expertly mix compounds to invent your own cookies!

Treasures Hunters EXT 7-2015 069_LR2.jpg    

Civil War Camp

Camp Naper group of kids

Survive This

Sampler Scrambler
July 10-14
8 AM–3 PM, Grades 1–6
Due to popular demand, we are offering another five day camp that includes some of our most sought after and exciting day camps!
This includes one day each of the following camps: 
Monday: Super Hero Science
Tuesday: Amazing Art
Wednesday: Snack Science
Thursday: Extreme Explosions
Friday: Water Wars

Please note this camp will be combined with Incredible Creatures.
Civil War Camp - SOLD OUT
July 14
8 AM–3 PM, Grades 5–8
Immerse yourself in the life of a soldier from the past! Practice military drills, cook over an open fire, learn first-aid, journaling and map-making. Experience hardtack snacks and spy tactics. Campers will receive a Civil War kepi hat, small haversack and a photo of themselves to take home.
Camp Scrambler SOLD OUT
July 17-21
8 AM-3 PM, Grades 1-6
Have fun experiencing a mash-up of new themed activities! This five-day camp features one-day each of Hip History, Awesome Architecture, Pioneers to Mars, Incredible Creatures and Curious Cook.
Survive This! SOLD OUT
July 24–28
8 AM–3 PM, Grades 3–6
Become a survivalist! Learn to build a shelter, make a slingshot and be safe in the wilderness. Practice team building exercises and work through an obstacle course. Basic archery skills will be taught in collaboration with the Forest Preserve of DuPage County.
Kinetic Art Kinetic Art
July 26–28
$140/camper, 8 AM–3 PM, Grades 3–6
Get inspired by Naper Settlement, then let your imagination run wild! Use recycled materials to build a wind chime, create 3-D works of art and paint an optical illusion. Campers will learn some artistic basics and apply them in unique and fun ways.

Hip History II Throwback Camp
July 31-August 4
$210/camper, 8 AM-3 PM, Grades 1-6
Take a step back into history and pop culture and discover music, art, fads, TV shows, games, sports and more from the 1970s, 80s and 90s! Exploring each decade, campers will recreate famous art, learn the popular dances, play with popular toys and games and celebrate trends of the times.

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